(TV Pilot, Musical, Play)

Author: James G. Page

Composer: Dan Lazarescou

Genre: Action/ Musical

Audience: All Ages- G Rating


Daisy is the talented, adolescent daughter of a farm family struggling to survive the Dust Bowl. Her family insists she find a man to marry. Her deceased aunt had trained her in ballet and cabaret style dancing. Her dream is to audition for the “Ziegfeld Follies." Daisy's parents take her baby brother to the doctor because he has become very ill with the Brown Lung disease. While they are gone, Daisy’s Uncle Jimmy arrives and wants her to try his new routine. Uncle Jimmy upsets Daisy when he "borrows" their farm loan payment for gambling money. His crime enrages Daisy's parents. She is punished with barn cleaning for a month. Toby, her boyfriend, assists her while her family goes to persuade the banker. Toby has a friendly musical battle over Daisy's recent predicament. They are interrupted by the Banker and SheriffBaxter’s arrival. They post a "Foreclosure" notice on the farm. The Banker plots out loud to take both Daisy as "his woman" and her family’s' land. Suddenly, a tornado appears and drives the two thugs away,but not before destroying Daisy's home. Her family is killed by the same tornado. Daisy has no time to grieve because she is forced to flee the Banker. She travels to Arkansas with her boyfriend and Big Red, her pet rooster, hoping the Banker will not follow.  Uncle Jimmy wakes up in a St. Louis alley. He has squandered Daisy's family’s loan money on boozeand gambling. He learns of the tornado that killed all of his family except Daisy. He vows an oath to save Daisy from the hardships he has created.    Toby's great Aunt Ellie lives on a plantation.  She intends to bequeath the plantation to Toby because he is her sole living heir. Miss Ellie's servants, Thelma and Big George, become good friends with Daisy. Daisy, while deceptively welcomed by Aunt Ellie, is treated rudely at the local cotillion. Aunt Ellie seeks to separate Toby and Daisy. Aunt Ellie pairs Daisy with another young man while Toby is subjected to Daisy's rival- Camilla the local vamp. The cotillion dinner party becomes a horrible experience for Daisy.  Camilla informs Daisy her pet rooster, Big Red, is the main course. Daisy performs a marvelous "Rejection Dance" for Aunt Ellie, Camilla, and Toby.    She sets off on her own the next morning. Shiner, Thelma's teenage son, is sent to find Daisy. Shiner’s dream is to join his cousin at the Hoofer's Club. Shiner and Daisy perform a spectacular singing and dancing introduction. Toby arrives to convince them to return. As they walk home, they encounter a couple whose car has a flat tire. Sheriff Baxter almost hits Daisy with his car as he attempts to take her. The couple, Bonnie and Clyde, defend Daisy. They kidnap Daisy and Shiner to cover their escape and then release them at Madame Marbre's Cabaret. The Madame agrees to allow them one performance to help them. Daisy and Shiner light up the stage with an exotic snake dance. The Banker and Sheriff show up and shoot up the Cabaret. Daisy, Toby, and Shiner barely escape to the train yard.   The kids then get on a train bound for New York City. The trio face Hobos, the Banker, and the Sheriff. Toby's father and Uncle Jimmy appear to save the trio but fail. As the train enters a tunnel Daisy, the Banker, and the Sheriff disappear. Toby rescues Daisy as she is holding on for her life just outside the train. Uncle Jimmy and Toby’s father, Ben, force the hobos off the train and the trio make their way to NYC.   At Penn Station, they meet Flo Ziegfeld and his "Girls" on their way to California. Shiner tap dances and sings for Flo while Daisy puts on three spectacular dance routines. Flo hires Daisy and Shiner, and they all board the train for Hollywood. Meanwhile, Thelma and Big George get ready to meet the trio in California, bringing along Daisy's beloved pet- Big Red.